Tuesday, August 7, 2007


I go back to college in THREE WEEKS.
I was ready to go back about three months ago. That means I was ready to go back before I even left. Yeah that's right.

I'd like to address a variety of issues right now though. Actually just one. Or two. We'll see how it goes really.
A BRIDGE COLLAPSED IN MINNESOTA! So logically, as the US Media, we will ignore most other news stories for almost a week and torture people who ritually watch the news and make them want to punch things. We'll speculate and talk about the cause of the bridge collapse as if we actually know something about bridges.

Jesus Lord. I will RANT now!

See, I like watching the news. I watch the news a lot. I wake up in the morning, and I turn on CNN. Yes yes, I'm generally lame. Seriously though. Collapsing bridges aren't that tough to fix, and even though bridges falling down are an important thing to note, we have bridge builders in the US. Give them some money, and away they go! As we turn our heads and look at a little country called IRAQ though, there are some more, shall we say, COMPLETELY INSANE issues. I would like to see a week long of 24-hour coverage of just Iraq, and then conclude that maaaybe the reason we're ignoring our entire nation's infrastructure is because we're too busy spending all of our money making Iraq a complete fucking hell hole. And because our government is entirely incompetent.

Alright I'm done.

Monday, July 30, 2007

I draw things

Click on it. You will see it larger. Yes yes.

Monday, July 9, 2007

I've been thinking about Middle School lately...actually only one part of Middle School. We had something called G.R.E.A.T. Gang Resistance Education and Training. I've just been thinking how hilarious that was. They taught us about various methods GANG BANGERS would use to try to get us to join gangs, and how to say NO and such. If the people who initiated GREAT actually thought more than 5 kids from Htown were actually going to join a hardcore gang, they must have been on crack. Htown is an insanely boring small town... There seriously would have been a much better chance of kids getting their limbs cut off by farm equipment. We should have had Farm Machinery Resistance and Training. F.M.R.T. Watch out fer those thrashers kids!!! They'll getcher arms and then you'll be a garsh derned cripple!

Also... I work with these two oldish ladies at the job I currently hold. I sometimes think perhaps their stupidity could rub off on me, and it's scary. They say things like, "I seen him in the store yesterday".....or, "I says to Larry that he shouldn'ta done that." WHAT THE HELL IS THIS. Every time I hear them say shit like that I want to correct them, but they're old and they don't know any better.
They're funny sometimes though... A guy walked in the room we were working, and he declared, "I'm so hot and sweaty...I don't like it." One of the old ladies then said under her breath, "He must not like sex then..." I immediately burst out in uncontrollable laughter.
Another day they were talking about how they thought black men liked "fat asses". I laughed at them once again...

My thoughts for now. Enjoys...

Wednesday, July 4, 2007


oooops. If anyone is in fact basing their entire life off of this BLOOOOOG, sorry. I've been busy. OOOOPS.

I've been having these issues lately though...
I feel like I want to completely start over. Move somewhere new...new everything...somewhere fresh...new. I don't know what suddenly brought on this urge, but I'd like a completely fresh start. I'm probably one of those people that will move around a lot and live in a lot of different places. I'll probably be mostly a city person, because in the city you'll see more new things (my theory at least...)

It's not that I don't like where I am right now (or maybe it is), but sometimes I just get these feelings that I need new people, new places, new things. New nouns..really...

I'm getting ANXIOUS and frantic. I need to travel some place where everything is unfamiliar and exciting. I get bored with a lot of things after a while...or after not that long...

I tried to plan an Amtrak train trip to Glacier National Park today, and then I planned a trip to Europe...haa..sometimes even imagining going some place new helps a bit, but not nearly as much as I need it to help.

Here I am though...stuck again. It's really a gross feeling. When you know there is so much more in the world to be seen, and you're planted in the same field you've been in for too long, it gets to a point when you break. I might buy a plane ticket tomorrow. Who knows...

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Let me just start off with this.

I decided I should probably make a blog type thing since I do tend to write little tid-bits about my life and save them to Microsoft word all the time. I want to share them with you. So logically, here I am…
My name is Megan, and as of right now, I’m 19 years old and a Sophomore at UW-Madison. It’s really quite the place to be for a hardcore partier like myself. Actually, I’m not that big of a partier. Sometimes I do, of course, but I’m not one of those that passes out in random places in the city and vomits in public places and such. Those people are pretty entertaining though if you ask me, at the cost of their own integrity, of course. One night, one of these HOOLIGANS was running down a hill in Madison, and he couldn’t slow himself down… and PLOP! He took a digger right into some grass. Since it was grass, I burst into laughter.

I really like to write about nothing, so if you’re reading this (which I assume you are, because if you’re not reading this…MIND BLOW), just be prepared. I will write about nothing. Like right now. It’s actually something though. It’s just my thoughts as they spew out of my head. My brain generally moves in the middle of 14,000 and 16,000 different directions, sometimes at the same time. Thus the title of my magnificent blog. God, someone give me a fucking pat on the back because that takes GENIUS.
I also like using capital letters. They add a certain SOMETHING to certain words. I try not to over-use them though. They’re much like a simile for something that can’t be over-used and still be good. I’m shit at similes.

I’m trying to think what else I will do that I should tell you about in advance, but that usually ruins the surprise. If I warn you about things I will do in advance, then there’s nothing to look forward to. It’s like if you were walking down a path, and I jumped out from behind a tree and screamed at you, and you threw a solid object at me. If I told you beforehand, you wouldn’t throw something at me and it wouldn’t be as great. Or maybe you would still throw something at me even if you knew beforehand. I know I would.

For the first blog I write though, rather than focusing on myself as I am so tempted to do, I’d like to make a few assumptions about you. I’m guessing I either know you, or I don’t know you. Those are the only two options, really. Of course, there are those of you that I have had random little conversations with, or have talked to for lengthy periods of time, but I still don’t know you. I don’t know why that is. It’s border-line sad thinking about all the people I will never know, never talk to, and never meet… another reason I’m doing this. I’ll feel a bit more connected to you this way. Whoever you are.
You also are probably pretty bored right now for some reason. I have no issue being your diversion, because this is a diversion for me right now too. So we’re both bored. Oh life, you are such a dick sometimes, being a shitface... I’ll try my best to entertain you for a while (probably unsuccessfully…), but don’t forget that there are airplanes traveling to every corner of the earth, and your boredom is probably just a lack of initiative and motivation to do things. Sorry to get all “advicey” on your ass, but it’s most likely true. Unless it’s not.

Is there anything else I have to say about you? I hate to jump right into talking about myself, but really now. There’s not much more to say about you. You like ice cream because it’s good. You have some allergies, but they don’t affect your daily life. You are not Amish. I’ve probably just described your entire life in three sentences.

I’m going to cut myself off right now, and save some for later. There’s so much to say, and I could write for 43 straight hours. Seriously.
More soon…